10 October 2011

to bake list

you may remember that i started a muffin "to bake" list.  even though i can be a procrastinator, i wasted no time in starting this important project.  muffins must be made people and i am willing to answer the call.

i made the cinnamon bun muffins from the wonderful comfy belly website.  since i started the specific carb diet  the joy i normally find in cooking was put on hold while i just figured out what to eat.  websites such as comfy belly have helped me to find that joy again.  anyway, i followed the recipe exactly and would not change a thing.  these muffins are grain free but i promise anyone who tastes these little delights will love them and not suspect any healthy funny business.

i have also made this recipe without the cinnamon topping and  they are delicious too.  i think pairing a plain muffin with some warm soup would be a wonderful comfort food for the coming cold weather.

to bake:

dietary notes:  these muffins are scd compliant but only for later stages since they contain almond flour and honey.  these muffins are not whole 30 compliant since they contain honey.  


  1. def trying these ASAP. Now that I'm back in town I'm officially on the FODMAP!

  2. I totally saw these on comfy belly, after you directed me there, and made them yesterday! Cale's response was: you have to give me the recipe so my wife can make them one day. And they are that good.

  3. carrie- how is fodmapszx ;) less confusing? katie- these are yum. cara- that might be my favorite comment ever!

  4. I also tried the Breakfast cookies from Comfy Belly. They're good too! Thanks for giving me good resources!