25 October 2011

mystery solved

i must say that i am very impressed at how quickly everyone figured out the mystery food.  so here is the official answer to the mystery. 

our new fruit this week was dragon fruit.  steve wisely noted that these are also called pitaya.  i also found many other names for it, depending on what part of the world you find this fruit.  it is also called fire dragon fruit, dragon pearl fruit, sweet dragon and dragon crystal.  there are also different varieties, the one we bought had magenta flesh but they can also have white flesh.

the price was a different story.  this took a little longer to figure out.  many of you guessed reasonable prices at first.  katwmn had a more reasonable guess with $25...if i had bought two that would be close.  steve had a strong guess at $11.50 but i wasn't sure if the price is right gameshow rules applied to this game...and i made up the game.  if someone guessed over the price and then someone guessed $1 would the $1 person be right?  then i realized that's what i hate about the price is right...those pansy guessers that say $1 for 10 rounds.  come on people, take a real guess and spay and neuter your pets.  so after i settled that debate in my mind i was sure steve was going to be the winner but then i read laura's comment...

Laura said... After my whole family sat giggling reading your post, as if we were sitting right next to you, we did some research. Dragon Fruit, $10.99/lb. Samuel hope it tastes like "watermelon" and Willow thinks it tastes "yummy."

wow she nailed it!  winner winner!  good research laura.  a target gift card for $10.99 will be coming your way. 

as for samuel's hope of it tasting like a watermelon that wasn't my experience.  sorry lil buddy.  the taste is extremely mild which was is surprising because by the appearance of the fruit i would expect the taste to be bold too.  it is not very sweet either.  from the pictures i had seen online of the white-fleshed dragon fruit i was expecting the texture of a watermelon but the magenta flesh was much different.   jb and i agreed it had the same texture as a kiwi.    so willow- the jury is still out on if it is yummy.  at $10.99 we were hoping it would knock our socks off for taste and maybe give us super powers.  has anyone else tasted dragon fruit?  if so, how would you describe the taste?  charis i know you have some experience in this category.

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  1. No way I've never won anything like this before!! I am so excited. Samuel's already thinking of the "sweetest robot ever" that he will surly find at Target. Willow's sleeping, but I'm sure she's hoping for a baby (we'll give her a real one instead!)

    Thanks Sara!