31 March 2011


your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to write a caption for the picture above.   this picture makes me laugh but i have no words for it. 

29 March 2011


spring can represent so many things.  this year spring is reminding me of hope.  these blossoms were flourishing outside of the hospital.  they reminded me of 1 peter 1:3-7.

" blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! according to his great mercy, he has caused us to be born again to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, to an inheritance that is imperishable, undefiled, and unfading, kept in heaven for you, who by God’s power are being guarded through faith for a salvation ready to be revealed in the last time. in this you rejoice, though now for a little while, if necessary, you have been grieved by various trials, so that the tested genuineness of your faith—more precious than gold that perishes though it is tested by  fire—may be found to result in praise and glory and honor at the revelation of Jesus Christ.  "

good idea, bad idea

good idea: answering the door when the fire department unexpectedly knocks on your door at 11 pm. 

bad idea:  answering the door when the fire department unexpectedly knocks on your door at 11 pm wearing your husband's boxer shorts and purple, shin-high cowboy boot slippers.

23 March 2011


my step-dad is out of the recovery room and resting in his hospital room. we will know more tomorrow. after many hours of waiting it was such a blessing to see him. my mom was so relieved to see her sweet husband it brought her tears of relief. praise God for those kinds of tears.

operation day

operation cancer removal is in full swing! my family and i are in the waiting room as my step-dad is in surgery. they are halfway through the procedure and everything is going well. if you would like more frequent updates please stop by my step-dad's caring bridge website here.

as a side note, we are so thankful for your prayers and love. we like you all...usually...just kidding...always...just kidding...sometimes. name that snl character...

21 March 2011

cancer update

so many of you have been so kind to ask how my step-dad is doing.  i appreciate the concern and prayers.  the best news is that the cancer has not spread and is operable.  he will have surgery this wednesday to remove the cancer.  the doctor is hopeful that this will be the end of his treatment and the outcome will be good.  we are hopeful because we have a good God and His promises are sure.  He promises us trials but He also promises to love and sustain us.  He promises that nothing can seperate us from Him.  (can i get an amen?)

thank you for your prayers.  i will post another update on wednesday, after surgery.

weekly menu

this week is going to be a full one!  with that in mind, i wanted simple recipes for this week's menu.  here is what it looks like so far.

breakfast: a new recipe from a new cookbook!  breakfast rice pilaf.  intresting right? more to come...
monday: tacos
tuesday: tofu stir fry
wednesday: wonton soup
thursday: leftovers
friday: vacation!!

friday morning we are headed to arizona for some fun and relaxation!  it's my step-mom's birthday on march 28th so we decided a little holiday in arizona was just what she needed to celebrate!

have a great week!  happy eats.

18 March 2011

4 score and seven years ago...i mean 4 months ago...

this saturday will be our 4 month wedding anniversary!  is it sick or cute that we celebrate the months?  either way,  i was remising about our wedding day this week.  admittedly, a wedding is only one day and a small fraction in comparsion to the investment of a life-long marriage.  then again...it is just one day!  so make the most of it.  with that said i have to say we had an ah-mazing wedding.  killer.  off the charts.  sick.  awesome.  i think we can stop there. 

 i am so grateful that seth and desiree jones were there to capture our day.  the locksmith and i heart seth and desiree and their ability to take pictures.  to re-live some of the magic of that day i often  browse their website and blog .  they have posted some of our images to their blog such as our engagement pictures  and some pictures from our reception venue here  (any pictures with peacock feathers are from our wedding.  you might see a red-head or converse sneakers-also us).  all of the pictures are amazing.

i loved the setting for our reception, los poblanos cultural center.  during our first tour of los poblanos i was nearly coming out of my skin i was so excited.  it has is a sprawling property that manages to feel warm and intimate.  ashley, the event coordinator, was the best part.  she is kind and has a heart of gold but the best part?  i didn't even have to sweat one little detail about the reception.  i wish she could coordinate my life!  i wish i could live that night 1,000 times over.  los poblanos is truly another world.

we have only been married 4 months.  in these short months the Lord has refined both of us.  we have learned more about sin and love than we could have imagined.  but it is sweet indeed.  the depth of grace and love that i am show daily humbles me.  quick, where's my husband.  i need a hug. 
so what are some of your family pictures that mean the most to you?

p.s. it's friday people!  what are your plans for the weekend?

15 March 2011

happy birthday mamasita!

today is my mom's birthday.  my mom is so lovely.  she has the fashion sense of jackie o.  the most incredible and thoughtful heart.  a faithful and steady love for the Lord.  if you know my mom i am confident you have been touched by her life.  a better mother and friend i could never find.  she also has the best laugh.  here is one of her favorite videos that always makes her laugh. 

and one extra you have never seen mom!

i love you!  happy birthday!

14 March 2011

happy pi day!

3.14 isn't just the date today, it's a day to remember a never-ending number, pi.  in our household we don't let this special number and day pass us by without any recognition.  so to celebrate this most sacred day i made a peach pie!  pie can be such a labor of love or frustration, especially when it comes to pie crust.  my friend, mer, gave me this pie crust recipe and it has become the apple of my pie.  ah, sometimes i crack myself up...and only myself.  anyway, this recipe is the easiest, flakiest and yummiest i have found yet!

mer's easy pie crust:
  • 1 1/2 cup flour
  • 1/2 cup oil
  • 1/4 cup milk
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
mix all ingredients in bowl or pie pan.

yep, that's really it!  i make mine in the pie pan so i have less dishes.  any pie i make i always top with my mom's famous topping...also easy.  ready?  i actually don't have a recipe.  i just mix sugar, flour and butter until it looks right.  right meaning crumbly and tastes good.  i am america's-test-kitchen-precise i know.  this topping really makes the pie though. 

so what's your favorite pie?  or use of pi...no don't reply to that.  i wouldn't even understand.  let's just stick to pie.


weekly menu

even though we are still living in boxes, our new place is starting to feel like home.  we have been eating out the last 2 weeks, which is not our favorite thing to do.  i am happy the kitchen is (mostly) unpacked and i can start to cook again.  this week i added our breakfast items too.  usually i cook our breakfast in mass amounts and split it up in tupperwares so all we have to do is grab and go.  this always me to hit snooze one two more times.  here is this week's menu:

breakfast:  lemon poppy seed scones (from a box mix so don't be too impressed) and quiche
monday: chicken breast stuffed with chard, gruyere and prosciutto  served with couscous
tuesday: butternut squash and pear soup (this recipe is from my friend jo's kitchen) and salad
wednesday: roasted vegetable and bulgur salad
thursday: leftovers
friday: date night

this week i am proud to say that i am ahead of the menu.  i am never on time (or ahead of schedule for that matter) or beat a deadline.   the locksmith and i decided to make some of these recipes ahead of time.  he does kitchen patrol while i do the cooking, it's more fun and we get more done.  last night we "made" the scones, quiche and bulgur salad.  i had made the soup for a baby shower this weekend and so we will eat the leftovers this week.  all that is left is the chicken recipe which is complicated.  i dread making certain meals and the chicken is one of them but the end result is so good.  the locksmith did some of the prep work to help me out.  he has never looked so good as when he is pounding chicken and sanitizing the cutting board.

i love how the versatility of quiche, you can add anything and serve it anytime.  i make mine with egg whites to make it healthier.  if i am short on time i just buy a whole wheat crust (or regular pie crust) and bam! half the work is done.  to make a store bought crust taste more homemade i  press some dried herbs into the crust.  myra gave me that tip!

bulgur is one of my favorite grains.  it takes about 12 minutes to cook and has a nutty flavor.  this recipe was a hit with the locksmith!  he wasn't sure about it at first but after he took a bite he couldn't stop.  this is going to be my go-to recipe for summer potlucks.

happy eats everyone!

08 March 2011

mardi gras

happy mardi gras everyone!  no mardi gras celebration is complete without king cake!  here is a recipe from emeril to help get the party started!  i hope you all find baby Jesus in your cake today! 

laissez les bons temps rouler!!

i think i need more exclamation marks in this post!!

07 March 2011

still moving

we have been busy bees this last couple of days trying to move.  for some reason i thought this would be a fast and easy project.  who was i kidding?  we have been so blessed by our friends and family that have helped us move.  one thing that has brought me comfort is that this is not the car we are using to move... 

more pictures of our new little place soon!

01 March 2011

dear valspar spray paint company,

your products have changed my furniture!   my once brown ikea dresser is now sleek white.  a brown faded chair is now brillant red.  cream bookends and a bronze globe are now a metallic silver.  how fun. 

i read your instructions thoroughly before painting and because of my detailed reading (and existing paranoia) my furnance has been off for three days to prevent my family and i from blowing up.  it is 63 degrees in my house.  my husband and i wear sweatshirts and slippers everywhere we go in the house.  and everytime i blow my nose i see red spray paint.  that was not on the label.  is this normal?

thank you,

coco plum

weekly menu

here is what this week's recipes look like:

monday- artichoke pesto pasta
tuesday-  it's taco tuesday people (with blue corn taco shells)
wednesday- grilled vegetable and bulgar salad with ham
thursday- artichoke pesto grilled sandwiches
friday- date night!

this week i picked meals that are easy to prepare and can give us plenty of leftovers throughout the week because....we are moving into a new place today!!  whoo hoo.  but that means the kitchen will be in boxes.  i made the meals sunday and monday so all we have to do is re-heat and eat!  more on the move soon. 

happy eats!