04 October 2011


i love having plants around the house to add color but usually the only color my house plants yield are brown.  in fact, one of my air plants is dying as we speak.  i don't know if i should consider it a huge failure or accomplishment that i may successful kill a plant that boasts only requiring air to survive.   when i choose plants for my house they can't be any geeks off the street they gotta be handy with the steel if you know what i mean.  ok maybe not that hardcore but hardy at the very least.  i truly only trust myself with air plants and succulents.  both of these plants are tough and have hundreds of varieties to keep you interested.   if you know me at all you know that i have a tender spot for all things miniature and wouldn't you know it, both air plants and succulents come in mini sizes.    

recently i was inspired by a gap store display, simple mason jars filled with succulents.  as a lover of both mason jars and succulents i was a little disappointed in myself for not thinking of this on my own.  since i was already doing a hundred projects on my last crafting spree i thought adding one more wouldn't hurt.

so i gathered a few mason jars and purchased small succulent plants from lowe's.  i had two criteria for the succulents: the plants must require little to no drainage (since they would be in a glass jar) and they had to have fun textures and shapes.  i ended up with four mini succulents which turned out to be way more than i needed for 3 mason jars.  honestly picking out succulents was like picking out a puppy, they are all so cute and need a home.  how could i just pick one?  

after i planted the mason jars i had two plants left over.  so i searched the house for something that could house the remaining succulents.  i ended up using an old candle holder.  i found these amazing candles years ago and bought them in bulk and have since used the candle holder for spoon holders while cooking, bacon grease storage, cotton ball & q-tip holder.  basically if has needed to be held this simple cermanic white jar has done it.  
the plants have now been settled in for a few weeks now and so far they have all survived. as the cold and barren months approach i am glad i will have some color to remind me of summer.  


  1. So cute, Sara! I love succulents, though sadly I haven't welcomed one home yet. But looking at living walls made of them inspired me to make my first rings in the shape of succulents. They (succulents) have a really pretty leaf pattern and come in so many colors. I'm sure you'll be enjoying those cuties all winter long.

  2. cara- what are these living walls you speak of? i love your rings and can see how succulents could inspire :)