18 October 2011

break out

jb and i were married at los poblanos so it will always be sentimental for me.  it is a historic inn but also has an amazing organic farm.  los poblanos has an incredible presence, you can sense the history while there and there isnt much that isn't unique or magical about it.  it has a rhythm and life all of it's own.  it is a place that almost takes on a tangible persona.  have you ever been to such a place?

anyway, jb and i aim to try one new food weekly, usually a fruit of vegetable.  for me it is easy to stick to the veggies that i am familiar with and i easily can get stuck in a rut.  here is where the los poblanos farm resuces me.  los poblanos has a wonderful harvest box program.  they have several options to choose from.  i signed up for their weekly veggie box.  each week they pick $10 worth of local, organic produce for me and every tuesday i come pick it up at the farm.  i must admit that i am torn between which part of the veggie box i enjoy the most.  i love going to the farm and not knowing what veggies await me.  it's a surprise and to a health geek like me that is fun.  i usually have to do some research to discover how i will cook some of the items but it helps me shake my rut.   my other favorite bit about my veggie box is that for a few minutes each week i can escape the busyness of life.  the sounds of rushing cars are replaced with quiet.  i can walk around the beautiful landscape of los poblanos.  i always leave refreshed. 

the tomatoes are my favorite treasure this week.  i love the variety of colors, almost mimicking the hues of fall.  and, of course, i love them for their petite size.

 my favorite one was this little russian doll shaped tomato.  i still can't bring myself to eat it.

what place have captivated you?  what do you do to break out of your food ruts?

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