22 October 2012

industrial curtain rod diy

when i posted this picture a few days ago and told you we had a diy project up our sleeves, high class were probably the first two words that popped into your mind.  well high class or white trash but really it's such a fine line.  

rest assured we haven't lost our minds...completely...yet.  we just made a curtain rod.  we followed this easy tutorial but since our curtain rod is so long (96 inches) we added the middle brace.   we love the results and so far they have stood the test of our lives.  

we have been doing so many projects around our new casa.  i can't wait to share them.  i also can't wait to take down those awful shades on the windows too.  which was the whole point of the project and i forgot until i posted these pictures.

20 October 2012

any guesses on what project we are working on with this pvc pipe and plumbing flange?   it has nothing to do with plumbing because i wouldn't post such a patronizing question.  well i might but not today.