27 August 2012

chip it

our house remodel is in full-swing right now.   we have our hands busy with so many project currently and somehow our to do list is growing.  one of my favorite projects is painting the interior.  as i was searching for inspiration i came across a great tool- sherwin william's chip it .  have you heard of it?  basically it allows you to take any digital image and make it into a color palette. 

 as i began to search for images i knew i wanted something nautical.  there is something about the ocean that gives me perspective and always restores me.  i want that same feeling in our new home.  when i found the image below i instantly knew this was going to be the base for the colors in our home. 

so i simply scrolled over the image and chipped it.  viola.  paint colors i could use in our home.

as i was painting samples of the colors in my home i began to realize that i wanted a more subtle feel.  the image i used for the colors was bold and bright and didn't quite capture the feeling i wanted.  in march we took a vacation to the coast and had the most amazing time.  there were two images that i snapped during the trip that i kept replaying in my mind.  both were cloudy and even stormy images and i realized that's exactly why i was drawn to them.  even though the sky was brooding and the clouds laid close to us it felt inviting.  rainy days seem to slow time and the need to rush around.  i love curling up on the couch with a blanket and watching the storm pass.  so with that feeling in mind  i decided to use chip it on the images from stormy holiday.  

so if you have a paint project ahead try chip it it's so easy and fun.  you'll start chipping images just because you can.