24 October 2011


last week i mentioned that jb and love to try new fruits and vegetables and this week i hit the new food jackpot.  as i was strolling through my local co-op i found this strange beauty sitting there...

 i thought this mystery item was a new hybrid mango artichoke but i was mistaken.  i asked one of the co-op employees how to select one of these strange things and what it tasted like.  he had no clue.  so like the indian jones of the co-op, he whipped out his blade from his produce fanny pack and sliced into it and handed me a few slices.  which was both surprising and awesome.  i thought, "this must be one of the perks of paying 3 times more for your food plus having to pay a membership fee".  i was even more intrigued  when i saw the inside of the fruit...

it was magenta. barbie-convertible-top-down-magenta!  heck yes.  i had found my new item for the week. the produce guy and i stood in the aisle eating this thing trying to figure out what it was similar to and what it tasted like.   the produce guy finally said, "well it's cool but i wouldn't waste my money on it at that price".  peesh.  waste money.  is that a challenge?  dude have you seen where you work and i am shopping?  clearly, i love throwing extra money at food.  bring it.

i won't lie when i was at the register i had a moment of clarity, this one item was a 1/6 of my weekly grocery budget and maybe it wasn't a good buy.  then i did what any good impulse buyer does and i ignored the little voice in my head.

so here's the deal...leave me a comment with two things.  1-what you think this mystery item is and 2- how much you think i paid for it.  the winner must answer both items correctly but they will receive a target gift card for the exact amount i paid for the fruit.  happy guessing!


  1. I know exactly what the fruit is. It's from Vietnam. Had it a lot living in Asia, so I'll leaving the guessing to someone else. But I'm curious how much you spent, so my guess is $3. hope this doesn't drag-on!

  2. if no one guesses, im left to answer!
    my family could really use this gift card since we spent a little too much on produce this week.

  3. Ahh haaa dragon fruit :) I had it once at a friends house yumm!!! I say $5...

  4. I say dragon fruit and about $25

  5. Dragon Fruit (or Pitaya).

    I'm going with $11.50

  6. Dragonfruit, $20 :) I'm stalking you on your blog. It's Becky Marshall :)

  7. After my whole family sat giggling reading your post, as if we were sitting right next to you, we did some research. Dragon Fruit, $10.99/lb. Samuel hope it tastes like "watermelon" and Willow thinks it tastes "yummy."