20 September 2011


 i am finally feeling better thanks to a new diet.   last friday, i had so much energy i was nearly manic, doing so many things that i just haven't been up for lately.  we made an scd-friendly date night meal, jb and i cleaned the house top to bottom, we bought new bedding and dog food (but not at this same place. don't worry, i wasn't that out of control), we looked at dining room furniture, we went to two different grocery stores, i made these delish muffins, we washed our new bedding and made the bed, we rearranged household items, we solved the problem of world hunger, then finally watched a movie, i began my crafting craze- all between 6 pm and 1 am.  i was a little out of control. 

i think i wore jb out.  i asked him to help me vacuum and he said, " but i thought we were watching a movie".  i replied, "well we are but first i want to make muffins and while i do that can you please vacuum and move the table and put that rug under the table".  he just laughed...and then vacuumed.  when i finally settled down to watch a movie i started a quick project (that spawned 2 more craft projects the next day).

the project i worked on was quick and easy.  i saw the idea for this project on a blog i enjoy reading.  did you know last friday, september 16, marks 100 days until christmas?  maybe you did know because stores are already putting out christmas merchandise. 

 i don't know about you but christmas always manages to sneak up on me.  not just in terms of presents and all the hoopla that can go with christmas but more about my own heart. each year i sit in christmas service and regret that the holiday season just happened and i wasn't as intentional as i hoped i would be the year before.  this year jb and i want our hearts to be ready for christmas and to enjoy what can be a hurried season.  so as we watched "the dilemma" on friday i made this paper chain to help us count down to christmas. it is my hope that it aides us in being more intentional.  each day as i see it hanging on our dining room wall it helps build my anticipation for the celebration of Christ coming in human flesh and the hope that that brings. 

i did do something different to my chain though.  since i know jb rips the chain, i have scattered a few surprises in the links for him.  some are fun, "give your wife a kiss" and others have on them scripture for us to read together regarding christmas.  so today is day 95!  a perfect day for you to start your paper chain.


  1. Are you just the cutest lil thing ever?? We seriously have so much in common between crafting, silly husbands, and loving Christmas! Miss you chickadee.

  2. danielle- thanks for your sweet comment. seriously we do. when will you be back in the 505 so we can catch up? i miss you too!