20 May 2011

weekly menu

thursday friday already?  seems that way. 

monday birthday dinner:  mozzy (mozzarella) stuffed turkey burger with sweet potato fries and broccoli.   we were suppose to eat this last week but i didn't feel like making it so guess what?  happy birthday hubs, we are eating burgers before the meat spoils.  maybe next year you can pick your birthday meal.  wife of the year i know.

tuesday:  steak salad-stuffed pita pockets.  it's just fun to say...go ahead say it with me steak salad-stuffed pita pockets.  it's an alliteration party for your mouth.  i made a little ranch dressing to drizzle on top of the pitas.  the recipe is from top secret recipes, todd wilbur is the brains behind the recipes.  their slogan?  "creating original clone recipes of america's favorite foods since 1987".   todd, honey, you can't create original clones.  i am just stated the obvious.  but i like your style and where your head is at.  plus, your original clone recipe for ranch is killer so i am going to stick with you. 

wednesday: honey jalapeno chicken with sesame soba noodles  don't forget to double the sauce for this sweet and spicy treat. 

thursday:  fish tacos.  i hate fish.  i hate all seafood.  i become really immature about eating things i don't like.  while i am at it...i hate birthdays, i hate spring, i hate nearly everything.  just kidding.  but myra and her darn cookbook made me want to try fish tacos.  and guess what?  i actually like them.  i was a little disappointed, i was hoping to keep the hate going but i couldn't.  more on fish tacos later.   i think you are going to want the recipe.

friday:  date night.  the hubs and i will be celebrating 6 months or wedded bliss.  we are headed to indigo crow.  this is how our convo went last night when hubs was trying to tell me about where we were eating...

" i made reservations at your favorite restaurant for tomorrow" 
" st. clair's? " 
"uh...no but it's close"
"melting pot?"
"shoot, no"
"oh, los poblanos?" 
"you can eat there? um, no it flies"
"flying star!!"
"stars don't fly."
"i thought you said it was close"
"it is"
"to us or st. clair's?"
"oh well that is different, i thought you meant close to st. clair's.  banana leaf?"
"dang it no"
" gosh, i don't know il vincino?
"indigo crow"
"oh i love indigo crow, it's my favorite"
"sigh, i know"

ah the joys of communication in relationships...

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  1. hahahah that was a laugh-out-load post for sure :) i don't know indigo crow...better check it out if it's your *kinda* favorite!