04 May 2011

sickness go away

sorry for the lack of posts lately.  just when i say i am going to try and catch up, i instead catch a stomach bug.  yuck.  it started on friday which was extra lame because that meant i could not go to my friends kate and will's wedding.  maybe you heard but they had a little wedding celebration on friday.  they must have known i was going to be sick and that's why my wedding invitation never came.  either way, while kate was rocking the 7 meter long train on her wedding dress, i was pulling my chicago bear snuggie's train around the house.  just a notch less glam.

i thought it might be a lil bug until yesterday when i started feeling better and thus decided to eat out at the same restaurant i ate at the first day i started feeling bad. well a coworker and i ordered the same thing (in fact it was the same dish i ordered when i first got sick) and bam! i was back to feel down right punk and my coworker got sick too. then i get an email at work stating that a salmonella outbreak was being a reported with tomatoes. well we both ate tomatoes yesterday and i ate them thursday too. salmonella? who knows but seriously salmonella don't bully me anymore!

whatever it is my sweet husband has been kind enough to hold up his end of the vows, in sickness and in health.  he text my mom friday for tips on how to take care of his sick wife.  he came home from work with soup, saltine's and ginger ale.  nicely played hubs.  while i was out of comission i also watched so much 48 hours mystery, probably 48 hours worth.  please let me tell you if that if watch one of those 48 hours mystery shows, watch the wm3 episode.  it is so unbeliveable.  also make sure it is daylight and lock your doors.  don't be home alone so that you aren't scared.

so yesterday was my only full day back to work and delia did not fail to make me laugh. her line yesterday was, "one bad one ruins the applesauce".  which i think means, "one bad apple ruins the bunch." 

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