10 May 2011

weekly menu

happy tuesday everyone!  have you recovered from mother's day weekend?  with a mom, step-mother and mother-in-law i was a busy bee this weekend.  it was filled with so much fun and i am honored to celebrate these women in my life.

so this week's menu is a mix of some new recipes and some recipes that we ate 2 weeks ago.  i was struggling for inspiration!

monday-  the gnocchi kick lives on!  this recipe was up to bat since we bought swiss chard at the farmer's    market this weekend!  playing side kick to the gnocchi was this salad.  i used tangerine juice instead of oj for the dressing, delish.

tuesday- another re-run from a few week's ago...chicken alfredo pizza.  the healthier alfredo sauce was delish and i had enough leftover to freeze.  that means tonight's pizza will come together even faster!  all i need to do is cook the chicken in lemon pepper and then add some frozen broccoli to the mix.  as emeril would say "bam!"

wednesday- this one is a newbie!  pineapple teriyaki chicken  served with basmati rice and snow peas.  i will keep you posted on if this is a success or flop.

thursday- mozzarella-stuffed turkey burgers.  this is my fav recipe for burgers.  to make this recipe even faster i bought trader's joe's bruschetta this week. 

friday- we will be celebrating my hubby's birthday with my dad and step-mom.  whoo hoo!

saturday- same story...we will be celebrating the hub's birthday but with my mom and step-dad.  whoo hoo!  there are perks to having divorced parents, more celebrations! 

sunday-bruschetta chicken pasta. this recipe is speedy and will help me use up any leftover bruschetta sauce from the burger's on thursday night! 

happy eats!  

what are some of the fun traditions you and your family do to celebrate birthdays?  not that i am fishing for ideas for my husband birthday coming up or anything...it's just friendly conversation.

my birthday falls in the middle of flu season and as i gift to myself i usually had the stomach flu on my birthday.  then others would get the flu too.  i mean the flu really is the gift that keeps on giving.  my childhood birthday pictures are of me laying on the couch, pale, with a bucket in one hand and a cold-rag on my forehead.  what can i say?  i was a party animal from the beginning.  if i was a little older in the pictures i may have been able to pass as a wild child that was recovering from a night of partying.  so with that in mind, what was the best and worst birthday you ever had?

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