05 May 2011

praying for....

you may remember that we weekly draw a picture and pray for the people in the picture.  this week i grabbed this pic...

gianna, coco plum, laura and jess

this ladies are so special to me,  they have all counseled me during the dark seasons of life and have shared with me in the many joys of life too.  gianna was my first roommate, she can be trusted with any secret and is one of my first calls when life is hard.   in my phone she is listed under italian stallion because of her immense love for rocky and all 22 of his movies.  i always forget that she is under that name and when i go to call her it takes me a few seconds to find her number.  i know that i am with gianna i will have a good laugh and an entire bowl of brownie batter, with one egg, because we know how to compromise. 

laura is my sister though not my blood.   she is my example in so many ways.  laura wrote me a letter each week for the last 2 months before i got married.  they are treasured letters that house much wisdom.  laura taught me how to drive a standard car and how to sprout my own oats. 

jess is the sweetest friend. she is that friend that you can pick up with no matter where you have left off.  jess will always be honest, challenging and loving in our conversations.  we use to work together in a hospital and i have cleaned up more poo with that women than anyone.  that is a strong bond that cannot be broken.

what do all of these ladies have in common?  they are either about to have a baby or are already raising babies.  so our biggest prayer has been for them as they prepare or are already doing the hard work of motherhood.

speaking of mothers what are you doing for your mom on mother's day?

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  1. Thank you friend.
    I treasure your prayers.