16 May 2011

happy birthday jb!

today is my hubby's 28th birthday, if we were rounding to the nearest tenth he would be 30.  which would mean i am almost 30, good thing we aren't rounding.  anyway, i love him so much.  he adds so much to my life.  here are a few of my things about my sweet jb. 

  • he is the most joyful person i know and consistently so. 
  • he laughs easily and often.
  • he is the most genuine person i have ever met.  he honestly cares so much for others.
  • he remembers the smallest details of what i tell him.
  • i look at him sometimes and feel the sudden urge to just make-out. 
  • he takes his role as a husband seriously. 
  • he leads us in the Word and in prayer often.
  • he takes the dogs out at 1 am, 2 am, 3:30 am, 3:40 am and 5 am without complaint.  i hope this arrangment still stands if the Lord gives us kiddos.
  • when he orders at a restaurant and is getting a dish that contains a food i don't like he will order it without so that i won't taste it if i want a bite or kiss him.
  • he calls and texts me throughout the day.
  • he plays air guitar on the dogs which they adore and it makes me laugh...

  • not only do the girls adore air guitar but seriously they adore him...

  • i love that he tagged the back of our dresser...

  • he is such a joyful servant.  here's an example, we took our car to a drive-thru-car wash.  of course, the windows were still wet and there were no paper towels.  he happily hopped out and wiped them all with his jacket sleeve...

  • i love the way he quietly takes care of me and makes my life less tangled...

  • more than anything i love that i am called to be your wife and best friend.  i am more thankful for your life than i was 28 years ago and i am not just saying that because i was 3 months gestation at the time.  i love, love, love you.

happy birthday sweet jb!

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