18 May 2011

praying for...

my cousin andrea, her husband dale and their daughter macy.  aren't they such a cute family?   one of my favorite things about being with them is that they laugh often and have fun.  andrea has been a big cousin, sister and friend to me.  i love that i can call her out-of-the-blue and ask her for advice.  since she is older she gets to walk through the hard bits of life before me and offer wisdom.  she was one of my bridesmaids and i can't imagine her not being a part of that day.  she also makes the best salad dressing on the planet.  as you can see from the pics above dale is fun!  he adds so much laughter and awesome family vacations to the mix.  he is a laid back kinda guy and i am happy to call him family.  and miss macy lives life to the fullest!  from karate to chess macy does it all. 

we are praying for wisdom as dale and andrea raise macy.  parenting dogs can be hard ( i speak from experiene) and i hear children are harder.  they have 2 dogs and 1 child so we are praying that they would continue to trust and seek the Lord in this challenging and rewarding role...mostly on the macy part.  we are also praying for macy as she grows in height and years.  we pray that she would seek to honor her parents and continue to keep that good head of hers on straight.  selfishly of course i am praying for more salad dressing and family vacations, individually-wrapped or a package deal, i'll take what i can get.    

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