27 April 2011

weekly menu

remember when i was so faithful to blog everyday?   remember the good ol' days when i would post my weekly menus on mondays for y'all to read?  yeah...me either. 

this week's menu:

monday: gnocchi with zucchini ribbon, parsley and brown butter  served with trader joe's mix of colorful broccoli and cauliflower!

since i can never follow directions well, even in a recipe, i mixed things up.  after boiling the gnocchi, i sauteed them in a bit of olive oil so they would have a little crunch on the outside.  i highly recommend that method.  instead of butter i did olive oil and substituted shallots for garlic....and tried parsley instead of fresh.  other than that i followed the recipe.  even though it sounds weird i did add the nutmeg and will add it every time.  nutmeg where have you been hiding, you are delish in savory dishes!  may i also say that i love the little squish of flavor that cherry tomatoes add to recipes.  thank you for letting me get that out...i feel better. 
so every week we try and buy one new food to try.  sometimes it is a number 1 hit and other times it's as bad as clay aiken making his 5th album.  gnocchi was our new food last week, we are still trying to pronounce it but as ludacris says, "call up jazze tell him to pop up the bottles cuz we got another hit, hit, hit".   it is some delish stuff.  my favorite is trader joe's whole wheat gnocchi.  it's a bit healthier and just as tasty as regular gnocchi.  the first gnocchi recipe that i made was last week.  it's hard to pick a favorite between the two.  you can find the recipe for the gnocchi dish pictured below here .  give it a whirl, i think you will even like the chard!

tuesday: corn-meal crusted chicken nuggets served with fresh veggies

i made the sauce (included in the recipe) with raspberries instead of blackberries

wednesday:  chicken and broccoli alfredo pizza.   we had this pizza on our honeymoon and went back a few times during our trip to have more!  i have been wanting to re-create this delish pizza at home.  to make it  healthier i am using whole wheat crust and this recipe  for the sauce.

thursday: stir fry

friday: well let's just say we will cross that bridge when we get there.

what new foods have you tried lately?

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