14 April 2011

weekly prayer pic

i haven't ever posted one long blog entry about our wedding just snippets here and there.  here is another little bit for you.  for our wedding we decided that a guestbook was a waste of paper and that we wouldn't look through it more than once in our lives.  and don't you hate when you sign a card for a wedding and then you have to write another message in a guest book or on a picture frame?  anyone else feel that way?  no?  just me?   i am a grump.  so...anyway we decided to rent a photo booth to capture our guests but then as we looked at our budget we decided to toss it out.  my mom surprised us and hired a photo booth.  isn't she a sweet lady?  we didn't know what a huge success it would be!  we rented it during our family reception.  we had one large reception for the guests and another reception that followed for our close family and bridal party.  instead of twiddling their thumbs while we took pictures, guests sipped on lavender limeade and wore the photo booth out!  how posh and fun, right?  each time people took pictures, they got a strip of their photos and so did we.  one for me and one for my homies type of deal. 

the rental company offered to put them in a pretty album but i had a better idea.  i placed all the photo strips into a pretty glass vase.  this way we (or guests) can look through the photos and remember our fun day.  i love having picture out on display so they don't gather dust in a dark closet somewhere...although i have that going on too.

each week, we draw a photo strip and focus on praying for the people in the photo.  we just started it this week and we drew...

my cousin gary and his sweet wife kristin.  don't worry they didn't come dressed as a pirate and viking to the wedding, the photo booth came with props.  although with my family you could never be too sure, i wouldn't put it past them.  my favorite picture is the bottom one. 

not only is it great to think of family and friends more often and ways that we can pray for them but it is also fun for the hubs and i to talk about memories we have with family.

stay tuned...you could be next!

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