26 April 2011

playing catch-up

life always seems to be busy, usually in a wonderful way.  lately, we have had so many lovely things going on that i haven't been able to blog as much or to keep up.  this week is my attempt to catch you up!  let's start with the month of march.  you will remember (or perhaps you don't remember because it has been so long) that it was my mom's birthday.  to celebrate we went to the st. jame's tea room.   tea at st. jame's takes several hours which allowed us several hours to chat and laugh...and feel very sophisticated while time.  if you have never been, you would be daft as a brush not to go!  in fact, go in honor of the royal wedding.  the experience will having you drinking more tea and saying words like simply and lovely more often. 

the lovely birthday lady in all her glory

savory delights

cream teas

dessert was simply divine


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