13 April 2011

i love my husband and his hair

my husband's hair has a life of it's own.  we get more compliments about his hair than mine...really i didn't know i was going to have to compete.  our good friend, quinn, actually describes us to people that don't know us by our hair.  here is what quinn says,"she has red hair and he has big hair".  a few weeks ago, a little boy at church asked john how he got his hair to make such big spikes.  he answered, "carrots because they are spiky too".  it just made my nutritionist heart melt.

here are a few of my favorite pics....i am really blogging about my husband's hair? 

growing his hair out for his part in the church's play as john the baptist lock's of love.

when i look at this picture i get beiber fever so bad i get beiber blisters!

wall of spikes. 

i don't know what to call this one.  beiber with a flip?

sometimes we even have to crack the sunroof to give his hair some space
i think my love might look like the dancing grandpa on the geico commericals when we are old.

i love my husband and his hair.  i pray i get to love him until he is old, gray and still spiky.  i can't imagine him any other way.

speaking of hair what is the worst hair style you ever rocked?  i know for myself it was the wave of bangs in the early 90's.  that was an era of bad fashion and hair styles.

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