07 April 2011

restoring marriages

marriage is the best and hardest thing i have done to date (except for resisting dessert on a very rare and painful occasion).  hard mostly because i am sinful and marriage brings that to the forefront of my mind constantly (as in all the stinkin' time).  sigh, and the Lord has given me such an incredible man to honor and love and yet it is still a process of being continually refined.  our pastor has been preaching thorough the book of colossians lately and last week the message was about restoring marriages.  even though i have a very happy (newlywed) marriage i find that we are continually renewing and restoring our bond.  the message was so encouraging and gave us both much to think about.  take a listen to the message here

last night, our community group further discussed the message.  we split up in to women and men to discuss the unique roles that each partner has in the relationship.  the women focused on submission and respect while the men discussed loving and being gentle with their wives (and somehow the topic of dinosaurs came up.  boys can get distracted and are still little boys at heart i guess).

 i found myself thinking, "what does it practical look like to submit to my husband?"  the Lord is so good in His timing.  today when i was checking in with one of my favorite blogs that's exactly what the post was about.  you can read carolyn mahaney's response to that very question here.  last night as the ladies were talking, we were discussing that to the world the idea of submission is not only unpopular but considered to not be in line with women's rights.  i think this type of thinking is rooted in a wrong understanding of what submission.  instead of trying to formulate my own words on the subject i think i will let john piper and the pastoral intern at my church speak on the matter here.

happy thursday.  it's almost friday!  what plans do you have?

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