05 April 2011

weekend at the vet and weekly menu

the weekend started out quite lovely.   i started saturday morning off right with cookbook club, we had a brunch.  i made myra's bagels.  i now appreciate bagels in a whole new way.  i agree with the name einstein's for a bagel shop because folks that can make good bagels are geniuses!  

after cookbook club (brunch edition), i headed home and our saturday took a turn for the worse.  miss addie started whining and pacing.  not terribly unusual.  then she started crying and pacing.  i knew it was bad when i picked her up and she tried to bite me.  that's not like our sweet girl...ok she's not terribly sweet more like 87% cacao chocolate...ok really more like bittersweet but still she doesn't bite.  after several hours of this, the locksmith and i loaded her up and took her to the emergency vet.  now, this emergency vet department probably has better equipment than most human hospitals.  they even have acupuncture...i mean really?  my mom calls it the mayo clinic for animals.  anyway, they took her back for x-rays and they weren't quite sure what the problem was but it looked like an intestinal blockage.  the options?  exploratory surgery.  (um no, the new world has been discovered, you won't find any new territory in addie's belly).  barium swallow (check no), or ultrasound (sorry no.  this is a vet clinic and not a human hospital right).  all the options were pretty invasive and pricey.  we opted for one night's hospital stay not knowing what the outcome would be.  the locksmith and i left our little girl and our hearts at the clinic that night.  the worst part?  going home to bella.  no one was sadder than bella. 

she still slept only on her half of the bed.

we returned to the vet sunday afternoon to this sad sight...

the vet said that addie's vitals were normal but would not eat and didn't get much rest, we feared it was worse not better.  when we saw her though, she was her usual self.  she ate for us and was even playful and it appeared things were moving through her stomach.  so we decided to take her home. 

all that remains is a yellow bandage and shaved paw. 

she appears to do a little better each day.  we still don't know exactly what happened but she had a follow-up appointment yesterday and everything appears to be ok.  the best part?

ying and yang are back together.  reunited and it feels so good!  

so here is our weekly menu.  except the pizza all the recipes are from a new cookbook that i will talk about soon...

sunday: coconut flapjacks
monday: lemony zucchini risotto with egg
tuesday: hoppin' john
wednesday:  eggplant and scallions with miso rice
thursday: breadcrumb coated broccoli rabe and pasta
friday: homemade pizza
saturday:  roasted bell pepper pesto and pasta

lemony zucchini risotto with egg

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