10 February 2011

the world is on fire

you may or may not know that the locksmith and i became a blended family when we married nearly 3 months ago.  we each brought a little one to our relationship.   ok so it's more like canine brady bunch on a smaller scale.  they look a lot alike so we rarely get questions about being a blended family....ok, they look identical.  except bella doesn't have any ears because some mean person cut them off before we rescued her from mexico.  she's a latina so naturally the story of how we got her is very dramatic.  i will save it for another day.

here is my baby, bella rae.

no ears.  there are just little mohawks of hair where there should be ears.

and here is john's love, adeline belle (addie for short).

just look at those ears!  maybe addie's are so big to make up for bella's loss.

now you would think that this may not be difficult to blend two dogs into your family.   intially it was easy, the dogs are best friends so when we first got married it was the-never-ending-slumber-party-with-your-best-friend phase.  they are inseparable.

a few nights ago something happened that divided our girls.  i don't know what happened but it must have been bad because they didn't sleep together.  normally this is the scene at our house around bed time.

two peas in a pod. 

a few nights ago this was the scene... 

they wouldn't even look at each other.  please don't mind my messy room.

what could drive them apart?  maybe bella has ear jealousy.  perhaps seeing addie's full, lucious ears is just too much for her.  addie's blessing is her sister's curse.  addie can't bare the pain of her sister's misfortune. 

whatever it was it made them sleep apart.  and in the morning i woke up to this sight....


my poor addie baby in our closest curled up with a pair of the locksmith's underwear for comfort.  i don't know a pain so severe that it would make me want to curl up with my dad's underwear but it must be bad. 

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