29 June 2011

my favorite app

recently i became really fancy and bought a smart phone, an iphone to be specific.  jb has had a droid phone for quite some time and my covetous heart got the best of me and i needed a smart phone all my own.  although, i have to say after having an iphone i definitely don't covet his droid, i always tell him droid doesn't (if you have seen the droid ads and used a droid you know what i am talking about).  anyway, let me get back on track, it's amazing how quickly i get distracted.  i love my iphone.  i don't how i survived without it before.  honestly, i am in love.  sometimes i lie awake at night whispering sweet nothings in it's ear.  then jb will whisper something real sweet back to me.  "oh honey, that is real sweet and all but gosh, this is awkward...i was talking to my beloved iphone".

one of the best things about the iphone is the endless apps.  my favorite app so far is fooducate, it is free app aimed at helping consumers eat a bit better.  it is available for the iphone or the droid.  the app let's you scan the barcodes of the food you are purchasing and gives that food a grade (a-f) to help you make healthier food choices.  i use it everytime i am at the grocery store.  it is particularly helpful at stores like sunflower market or whole foods where everything is marketed as being healthier.  last week, i thought i would buy some healthy frozen waffles for quick breakfast items.  not a single waffle had a grade better than a c, even the ones that were organic with flax and other fancy tricks up their waffle sleeves.  but fooducate doesn't just give you the bad news and leave you in the dark (without waffles), it gives you healthier alternatives.  

so here's your challenge if you have a smart phone, download this app today and start scanning.  head to your local grocery store and start scanning! hit up the cereal aisle and scan some of your favorites.  or even as you are shopping scan some of the items you normally purchase such as breads or frozen meals.  aim to fill your carts with only a or b grade items.  let me know what you think of the app.  how it changed (or maybe didn't change) your food choices.  or better yet, tell me if any items shocked you with their high or low grades.

if you can't get enough fooducate or don't have a smart phone, head to their fantastic blog.  happy scanning!

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  1. Sadly, I don't have a smart phone so I will just have to go to their blog and stop watching TV because those iphone commercials are KILLING me! :)