14 June 2011

cross(not nearly)fit

recently,  i mentioned that i have a 4:15 am wake up call but i haven't told you the why.  obviously, i am not sane in the first place but one needs a great motivation for getting up that early.  for me crossfit is that reason.  i started a new boot camp at the crossfit gym near me.  it is the hardest workout regime i have done.

in fact, the workouts have been so intense that i have made it a habit to lay on the bathroom floor or (even better) hang my head over the toilet when i get home.  to the untrained eye i am a tidy house cleaner but if you look closer you'll see i am just out-of-shape.  but that bathroom inspection is an important part of the workout.  during this time i ponder how crazy crossfit is and i really should clean my bathroom floors and fixtures better.  the hubs has been nice enough to start laying the bath mat close to the toilet and getting me a glass of water.  now that is love.   after the first workout, i was of course laying against the throne telling him how horrible the workout was and how i thought i might just die.  he told me, " you are going to love it, you just don't know it yet."  and you know what?  he was right.  i l-o-v-e crossfit.

crossfit is worldwide and seriously legit.  it's the best money i have spent on fitness!  it's better than a regular gym membership because the workouts are written out for you everyday.  each gym across the crossfit world is doing a similar workout.  so if you live in new mexico but your sister lives in washington, you both can get slaughtered and humbled at crossfit and then call each other after to talk about the hurtin you just endured.  it's built in community at the local and national level.

interested?  check out the video that piqued my interest...

what do you think?  are you ready to be exhausted, sweaty, sore and happy?

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