08 June 2011

weekly menu

here is the chow line up for this week...

monday:  taco's at the parental's house = no cooking for me...awesome!
tuesday: noodles with roast pork almond sauce.  jb was sweet enough to whip this up for us last night.  it was delish!  i predict this recipe will make another appearance in our near future.
wednesday: apple and brie quiche.  i know quiche twice in the last two weeks.  i can't say (and eat) enough about quiche's easy and delish ways. 
thursday: pasta with green peas and pancetta.  the recipe calls for bucatini but i am going to use fettuccine pasta instead.
friday: summer squash and pasta soup.  i am saving the soup for friday so i can toss in extra bits from thursday's dinner to make the soup even tastier. 

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