06 June 2011

the last week in pictures..

i got addicted to crack-lin oat bran.  look for me on the next episode of intervention.

i meet benjamin button in a dog's body.  just look at that stache!

jb found an exotic parrot...living in a yucca tree...in new mexico!  after this, we were abducted by aliens.

an exhausted jb came home from work and tossed his shoes off...he was in the bedroom and somehow the shoe flew into the dishwasher.  stay tuned next week when we when the lottery.

my jb started school!  honey, hold up your fingers and toes to show people what grade you are in.

this is my favorite out take pic.   that face just cracks me up!

i told him his backpack makes him look like a teenage mutant ninja turtle and this was the face i got.

the last two weeks, i have also been waking up at 4:15 am but i will save that story for tomorrow.

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