21 July 2011

he tries so hard...

last night as we were falling asleep jb was sweetly rubbing my arm.  he leaned over and lovingly whispered, "you are like an alpaca".  i turned to him and said," really?  you think i am a hairy farm animal?"  he carefully answered," see i was worried you might think hairy but i hadn't thought about the farm animal aspect".   i had no words.  so even after he saw red flags with his "compliment" he proceeded.  he quickly responded, "i meant you have such soft skin".  i don't think alpacas are known for their skin...smooth or rough.  i think they are known to spit stomach acid and be hairy, oh and make nice sweaters.   

anyone see something that i am not?


  1. This is HILARIOUS!! HAHA, I just lol'ed for real

  2. Ha ha!!!!! You guys are too cute :)