07 February 2011

@ = around

i am sorry to start monday off like this but i can no longer be silent.  i have got some beef that i would like to settle, right here and right now.  it's the @ symbol.  what person really needs to abbrievate the word at?  it's two letters folks.  is it that much trouble?  t is not a hard letter even in cursive. 

when i was first exposed to the @ symbol at the tender age of 12 i thought it meant around.  it makes much more sense, wouldn't you agree?  around is a longer word and the circle is around the letter a.  how did i finally learn that @ didn't mean around?  i got it wrong on my 6th grade computer 101 test.  but my teacher agreed that it made more sense.  really?  well, then good!  let's start a revolution.  i'll make t-shirts and you start a petition.

i need to calm down.  i need a drink.  quickly, someone get me chocolate milk...

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