17 February 2011

weekend update- love bird's edition

this weekend was, of course, valentine's weekend.  we aren't big valentine's celebraters per say but we love any reason to make a fuss over each other.  we also love to celebrate what the Lord has blessed us with in each other.  we are newlyweds after all.  as i thought about what to do to remind the locksmith of how much i love him i kept coming back to one thing...westerns.  the locksmith loves western movies, he suddenly becomes 15 years younger and he gets that little kid twinkle in his eye.  i wanted to watch a western film but make it a whole experience.  and what better way to watch a western than under the cover of a fort?  it would sort of be like camping out, like real cowboys.  so friday night i made some fried chicken.  built a fort on our living room floor.  put up some twinkly lights for stars.  and made some campfire orange cakes.  

under the stars

look who decided to make up and join us in the fort

this man also joined us in the fort

my handsome superman eating campfire orange cakes in the fort
monday was actual valentine's day and it was the locksmith's turn to do something special.  he started out right by senting me these gorgeous flowers at work.  i love the purple flowers because they remind me of fireworks. 

don't they look lovely next to my "progression of baby model tooth decay" model?

that night the locksmith decided to cook my favorite meal, breakfast for dinner.  i took a relaxing bath while he slaved over the stove.  he made pikelets with two options for toppings.  i have started a dish collection and i pulled out two of my favorites for our valentine's breakfast for dinner feast. 

the fat finch


  nutella and 'naner say hello to my little friends piklets.

a little piece of food heaven.
pikelets with blueberry sauce.

i felt like a fat finch after such a great meal!

it was a fun to make valentine's day into valentine's weekend.  anything fun  that you did with a loved one or friend?  any valentine's traditions you have?

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