02 February 2011

my 2nd grade book report

ah yes, my 2nd grade book report.  the second grade refers only to the age but not the quality.  the quality was first grade, if you count comedy as quality.  i had to do a book report about white fang.  let me tell you that i loved that white fang!  (by the way, just one fang?)  i put a lot of passion and heart into that report.  i reached from the depth of my tiny 2nd grade heart and poured out a literary masterpiece.  the words flowed out effortlessly.  it was an in-class book report.  i brought it home to proudly show my mom.  she nearly hit the floor, it was great.  but it was great for one reason...a spelling error on my part-that forever will haunt me.  my book report was not about white fang at all...but white fag.  yes, that's right, white fag.  someone wash my mouth out with soap!  yes, i forgot the "n" in each and every fang.  sigh.  thanks a lot mrs. stevenson for throwing me under the bus on that one!

my mom's favorite line?  " i love white fag.  white fag is brave and strong." 

this post was brought to you by the letter "n".

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