24 February 2011

set sail into spring

set sail
set sail by cocoplum featuring leather shoulder bags

i don't have bieber fever (ok i do but it is a mild case) but i am getting the warm weather itch.   it can be difficult to know how to dress in the spring.  in the morning it's freezing toad (according to my lil cousin) and in the afternoon it's hot.  and always windy.  at least that's how it goes here in the 505.  even though the weather is fickle i still love spring.  it always feels like a new beginning and full of life. 

to help soothe my itch, i put together an outfit that could be versatile for spring weather and be suitable for an impromptu sailing adventure, a common occurrence here in new mexico.  a girl has got to be ready.  i love all things nautical.  in fact i don't have a favorite color but rather a favorite color combo.  navy blue and white.  it's simple and classic.

what are you looking forward to this spring season?

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