31 January 2011

weekend update- spi11 edition

hello and welcome to weekend update i'm coco plum.  here were this weekend's top stories. 
first spi11 (that's short for spill of 2011.  it's pronounced spill-evn).  here is a hypothetical situation for you.  let's just pretend on friday night you decide to walk on the wild side and you paint your nails.  perhaps you choose "cran-red" as your color.  now for a moment let's just say that you forget to twist the top back on completely.  now fast-forward one day.  let's just say this part of the story takes place at 11:45 pm.  you decide to paint your nails "park avenue" instead (let's just for theory-sake pretend it's a gray/brown/purple hue that is lovely and versatile.  in fact you might think to yourself, "this color should be called coco plum").  while you are at it let's just say you get crazy and paint your toes "minted" too.   as you blissfully wrap up your painting expo let's pretend you decide to pick-up all your polishes.  you are cleaning haphazardly because your nails and toenails are wet (picture figures spread out and daintily picking up items as you are walking with your toes up).  you reach for the "cran-red" to put it away and what might happen?

you might drop the bottle.  the glass bottle may or may not break.  it may splash and spill all across your bathroom.  your house might be for sale and if you are really fortunate there would be an open house the next day.  you might want to lay down on the floor and cry.  or laugh.  or laugh and cry.  it may be hard to decide.

 let's just say you realize you are completely out of nail polish remover because you have been on a nail painting frenzy.  let's pretend the time is now 12:00 am.  but wait...it may get better.

 you could also be covered in the "cran-red" nail polish.  in fact, you may or may not look very guilty in the crime of killing a small creature with your bare hands.  to make things more complicated your nails may not be done drying which would somehow irrationally make it harder for you to concentrate on cleaning well.   even though you may have gotten a great haircut that day, let's just say one side went flat.  you can't even look cute while making a huge mess?  you may realize the cards are really stacked against you on this one.

it may be all over your pretty white vanity chair.  at this point your sweet husband might be asking you to call BP to see what not to do in major spill situations.  wouldn't he think he's clever?

let's just say your beloved slippers you've had since high school are now being tagged as evidence to a crime...that you committed.  you wonder, "i came from a good family.  how could this have happened to me?"

the real kicker is that the tile is not sealed on the wall so it might be extremely porous.  in fact let's just pretend it is devouring "cran-plum".  thank goodness because (maybe) it wasn't bad enough!  now the clock is ticking. 

maybe after a mid-night run to wal-mart (which can always be a story within itself), 1/2 a bottle of nail polish remover, 3/4 roll of paper towels and a dozen q-tips later.  your bathroom may no longer look like a crime scene, except for the rebel porous tile which may or may not need to be replaced.  but like i said from the beginning this idea of spi11 is all just hypothetical.  but if this has happened to you or a loved one, let's just say there is one other person out there that may or may not be able to sympathize. 

in other news (that actually happened), this weekend was laid-back.   my mom and i hit up the antique mile near my house, we managed to see 4 different antique stores.  i found some great bookends for $10,  i am going to give them a new look with spray paint.  my mom is such a gem and it was a real treat to spend saturday with her.

the locksmith and i spent some good quality time together sunday.  we watched the social network last night which is out at redbox.  have you seen this movie?  it made me want to disable my facebook account!  ugh.  i am glad we only paid $1.50 to see it.  it was a good movie but the founder of facebook is not a nice guy.  have you watched it?  i baked bread yesterday so instead of having popcorn or candy we ate bread.  it was so good.  there is something about warm bread, butter and honey that is such a heart-warming snack.  i will try to post the recipe later this week. 

so that's was our weekend and now it's a new week- with new recipes :

monday: spaghetti with green chile chicken sausage
tuesday- cauliflower and leek soup with orange splash salad
wednesday- veggie pizza (with more orange splash salad)
thursday- chicken stuffed with rainbow swiss chard and prosciutto.  served with cauliflower "couscous".
friday- leftovers or date night

thursday's meal is for cookbook club so i will be sharing any mishaps or success i have along the way.  i hope your week is off to a great start!

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