13 January 2011

first date

well hello there.  my name is coco plum.  i am so nervous right now.  i feel like we just met through match.com and we are on a virtual first date.  i like long walks on the beach.  no no that's too cliche.  oh no!now my palms are sweating.  for now, let's not rush things.  let me just say this blog is my blank canvas and i can't wait to see how it unfolds.  i enjoy many things in life but i am a poser really.  none of my passions come natural to me but i still love the journey.  i may not have anything orginal to say.  surely you won't find any craft templates here (you might. and don't call me shirley).  the recipes you will find here?  well let's just say half of them will come out burnt.  but if you still have your christmas tree up, enjoy too much chocolate and need a laugh come sit next to me.  who knows maybe we can make this a second date....

this is me! coco plum. 

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