25 January 2011

banana custard

we started monday off right- with banana custard!  you may remember the locksmith's love for frozen delights.  you may also remember that they don't play nicely together.  so i decided to finally try this banana custard recipe that has been calling my name.  although i would say it was more like just-starting-to-melt ice cream than custard (maybe it needed to freeze longer than 2 hours), it was still delicious and nutritious.

here's the very complex recipe.  you may need to write this down.   slice 2 (or 13) bananas and put it in a ziploc bag in the freezer for a few hours.  pull it out and blend it in the food processor until it looks like ice cream.  easy right?  not that i am a fan of tricking kids (or anyone) into eating healthy food but this definitely satisfies the ice cream craving with a single frozen banana!  i topped our banana custard off with melted chocolate. 


here is what our meals for the week look like:
  • monday- bruschetta pasta
  • tuesday- maple syrup pork chops with veggies
  • wednesday- frito pie at church dinner (yipee!)
  • thursday- stir fry
  • friday- buritto bowls
thankfully, banana custard will go with all of these recipes!  i feel a banana custard binge coming on!  what are you eating this week?  i am sorry i haven't posted our weekend update.  we were busy bees so the update is long.  i will post it as soon as i can.

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