18 January 2011


i was going through some old photos on my phone and stumbled upon this photo that made me laugh.  first you should know a little back story so the photo is in proper context.  i was completing a mandated training for work.  of course, the computer was acting up and i was trying to scroll back to the first page.  suddenly this sweet and subtle error message popped up. 

at first my mouth dropped in shock and i started laughing.  i really couldn't believe it. then in the words of stephanie from full house i thought, "how rude!".  how sassy!  i think i gathered every co-worker from my office to witness the error message on my screen.  i have since moved from the denial and anger stage to acceptance.  thanks for asking.  and yes, sassy and i still work together...some days are better than others. 

what about you?  do you have any funny technology stories?

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