18 March 2011

4 score and seven years ago...i mean 4 months ago...

this saturday will be our 4 month wedding anniversary!  is it sick or cute that we celebrate the months?  either way,  i was remising about our wedding day this week.  admittedly, a wedding is only one day and a small fraction in comparsion to the investment of a life-long marriage.  then again...it is just one day!  so make the most of it.  with that said i have to say we had an ah-mazing wedding.  killer.  off the charts.  sick.  awesome.  i think we can stop there. 

 i am so grateful that seth and desiree jones were there to capture our day.  the locksmith and i heart seth and desiree and their ability to take pictures.  to re-live some of the magic of that day i often  browse their website and blog .  they have posted some of our images to their blog such as our engagement pictures  and some pictures from our reception venue here  (any pictures with peacock feathers are from our wedding.  you might see a red-head or converse sneakers-also us).  all of the pictures are amazing.

i loved the setting for our reception, los poblanos cultural center.  during our first tour of los poblanos i was nearly coming out of my skin i was so excited.  it has is a sprawling property that manages to feel warm and intimate.  ashley, the event coordinator, was the best part.  she is kind and has a heart of gold but the best part?  i didn't even have to sweat one little detail about the reception.  i wish she could coordinate my life!  i wish i could live that night 1,000 times over.  los poblanos is truly another world.

we have only been married 4 months.  in these short months the Lord has refined both of us.  we have learned more about sin and love than we could have imagined.  but it is sweet indeed.  the depth of grace and love that i am show daily humbles me.  quick, where's my husband.  i need a hug. 
so what are some of your family pictures that mean the most to you?

p.s. it's friday people!  what are your plans for the weekend?

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