14 March 2011

weekly menu

even though we are still living in boxes, our new place is starting to feel like home.  we have been eating out the last 2 weeks, which is not our favorite thing to do.  i am happy the kitchen is (mostly) unpacked and i can start to cook again.  this week i added our breakfast items too.  usually i cook our breakfast in mass amounts and split it up in tupperwares so all we have to do is grab and go.  this always me to hit snooze one two more times.  here is this week's menu:

breakfast:  lemon poppy seed scones (from a box mix so don't be too impressed) and quiche
monday: chicken breast stuffed with chard, gruyere and prosciutto  served with couscous
tuesday: butternut squash and pear soup (this recipe is from my friend jo's kitchen) and salad
wednesday: roasted vegetable and bulgur salad
thursday: leftovers
friday: date night

this week i am proud to say that i am ahead of the menu.  i am never on time (or ahead of schedule for that matter) or beat a deadline.   the locksmith and i decided to make some of these recipes ahead of time.  he does kitchen patrol while i do the cooking, it's more fun and we get more done.  last night we "made" the scones, quiche and bulgur salad.  i had made the soup for a baby shower this weekend and so we will eat the leftovers this week.  all that is left is the chicken recipe which is complicated.  i dread making certain meals and the chicken is one of them but the end result is so good.  the locksmith did some of the prep work to help me out.  he has never looked so good as when he is pounding chicken and sanitizing the cutting board.

i love how the versatility of quiche, you can add anything and serve it anytime.  i make mine with egg whites to make it healthier.  if i am short on time i just buy a whole wheat crust (or regular pie crust) and bam! half the work is done.  to make a store bought crust taste more homemade i  press some dried herbs into the crust.  myra gave me that tip!

bulgur is one of my favorite grains.  it takes about 12 minutes to cook and has a nutty flavor.  this recipe was a hit with the locksmith!  he wasn't sure about it at first but after he took a bite he couldn't stop.  this is going to be my go-to recipe for summer potlucks.

happy eats everyone!

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