05 January 2012

new year

new year's is always a good opportunity for me to reflect on the past year and intentionally resolve to pursue life in a stronger, healthier and most importantly God honoring way.   in college, some of my closest friends and i started a tradition.  every year before midnight we would take time to somberly read through these questions.  it was also a very vulnerable time of sharing and reflecting which can be a powerful thing among friends.   though it is far from what people may typically do on new year's eve, it always felt right to end and start the year reflecting on what is true and lasting in life and will matter into eternity.  sadly, this year my close friends and i were unable to carry out our tradition together.  busier lives, babies and moving to far away lands make those times simply college memories but sweet ones none the less.  

enough reminiscing let's move on to a recipe.  here is a great soup to take the edge off the winter.   one website i check in with weekly is health-bent.  i have yet to make a bad meal from this website and this one was a slam dunk for sure!   the pad thai is crazy delicious and don't even get me started on the lasagna.   this soup is filling and has such a great mix of flavors and textures.  you can't go wrong.  

so this week print out these questions and discuss them over dinner with a friend or with family.  the questions will cut you and leave you feeling a bit vulnerable too.  but that which is dead must be cut down to make room for growth and life but at least you will have some warm soup to comfort you.    

i'll be back soon for a workout for those of you that have health resolutions, all you will need is a timer and deck of cards.  interested yet?

happy eating and reflecting!

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