24 November 2011

happy turkey day fools!

happy thanksgiving!  one year ago jb and i were in key largo eating ribs and mango pie for thanksgiving...true sufffering i know.  as fun as it was to spend our first married holiday away this year we are so grateful to be back in the company of good family and friends.

even though the holiday season is truly the most wonderful time of the year many people tend to make the worst food choices this time of the year.  often the holidays become a license to mindlessly dump lots of junk down the hatch.  of course, the holidays are also a time for traditions and many traditions can be around food.

some foods are worth the splurge right?  grandma's favorite pie is totally worth spluring on because besides being delicious it has sentimental meaning.  the doughnuts with gobs of glowing frosting that magical appear in the office kitchen have little nutritional value and even less sentimental meaning.  in this sense food and shopping can be similar, usually the impluse buy is not a good buy especially when it is pricey.  junk food splurges are high in calories and are never a good investment.

use this tool to help you navigate through the holiday food terrain.  no need to shrink it down pocket-size, laminate it and pull it out of your back pocket at the buffet line but hopeful it will help you be more mindful about what you eat this holiday season.

happy healthy thanksgivig!

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